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SQL Calling a JSL Script


So I have created a JSL script to open a csv file and analyze the data. I also created an SQL script that actually generates the csv file that JSL calls. I know there is a way to join these scripts together so I don't have to run one, wait for the csv file to generate, then call the JSL script once it's finished. Right now I have a batch file that calls the SQL file then calls the JSL file (which I put a Wait(300) delay at the top of to give the SQL script enough time to generate the csv file).

There has to be a better way then having the cmd line open two different files. And I don't know how to access the SQL database via JMP. It doesn't show up anywhere.

Any ideas??

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Re: SQL Calling a JSL Script

JMP can access ODBC data sources.  No need to create an intermediate CSV file.  Can you provide more information? 

What version of JMP are you using?  Is it 32-bit or 64-bit?

What database are you trying to access?