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Response Surface Analysis in JMP


I am doing Response Surface design analysis in JMP. (yield -> Y. n,p,k -> Macros -> Response Surface Effect). By default, JMP does the analysis by coding the quantitative variables.
In BASE SAS I can get the result without coding by using the following code.

data rsd;
input N S yield;
0 0 4121.212
0 20 4678.03
0 40 4742.424
0 60 4727.273
50 0 6083.333
50 20 6041.667
50 40 6223.485
50 60 6715.909
100 0 6761.364
100 20 6916.667
100 40 6852.273
100 60 6810.606
150 0 6174.242
150 20 7022.727
150 40 7003.788
150 60 6943.182

proc rsreg data=rsd;
model yield=N S/nocode; /*By using Nocode option SAS doesn't do coding on n, p, k variables*/

In JMP, how to get the output without coding?
I mean I don't want JMP to do coding on n, p, k which it does eyerytime by default.

Manoj Khandelwal

Super User


Jun 23, 2011

In the model specification dialog click on the red triangle pulldown menu next to "Model Specification" and uncheck "Center Polynomials". If any of the independent variables have the coding property then you would also need to go into "column info" for each column of interest and remove the coding property. This latter case would happen if, for example, the table had been generated by the JMP Design of Experiments platform.
Hi mpb,

Thanks for such quick response.
But there is no check box for "Center Polynomials" in Fit Model Window in any of red button pull down menu. There are two red button pull down menu. Attributes & Transform.
If you can just give your mail_ID I can send you screenshot of Fit Model window. Or you can send me to

I am taking Yield -> Y. Select n, p, k and select Macros -> Response Surface. Click OK.
There is no option to uncheck for centring of polynomials.

I am using JMP 8.

Super User


Jun 23, 2011

In the upper left corner of the dialog window there is a red triangle right next to the words "Model Specification". Click on that red triangle to bring up a context menu which includes as its first entry "Center Polynomials". Click it to uncheck it.
Dear Mpb,

Thanks a Lot from my heart. You are genius really. Whenever I had a query you gave me reply everyitme.

Once again Thanks.

Go Jumpers :)