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Reset grid factor from other data table possible?

Hi again, i was wondering, jmp has the feature the reset grid factor based on the command "Set to Data in Row"  under the profiler part, but this only applies to the data table where the analysis is coming from. is it possible to reset the grid factor to a row from another table? or is there a better way to reset the grid factor by means of script (term value?) where i can use the data from another table to reset the grid factor? thanx in advance!:)

objsettings_expr_min = Expr(

            obj << Profiler(


                    Confidence Intervals( 1 ),

                    var_min << Response Limits( {Goal(min_goal ), Importance( 1 )} ),

                    maximize desirability( 1 ),

                    Desirability Functions( 1 ), Set to Data in Row(5),  );

          //Plot Actual by Predicted

          obj<<     {Lack of Fit( 0 ),

                    Sorted Estimates( 1 ),                     

                    Plot Actual by Predicted( 1 ),

                    Plot Regression( 0 ),

                    Plot Residual by Predicted( 0 ),

                    Plot Effect Leverage( 0 )};

          //save script to data table

          obj<<save script to data table; 


Substitute Into( objsettings_expr_min, Expr(min_goal ), goal_list[2] ); // set goal

For( i = 1, i <=N Items( var_list_min ), i++,

          obj = dt << Fit Model(

                    Y( var_list_min ),

                    Effects( response surface(:test1,:test2,:test3,:test4,:test5) ),

                    Personality( Standard Least Squares ),

                    Emphasis( Effect Screening ),                  



          Eval( Substitute( Name Expr( objsettings_expr_min ), Expr( var_min ), var_list_min ) );// apply profiler settings


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