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Replication factor in the 3 factors design


Community Trekker


Jan 4, 2017



I am having 10 Varieties (treatments) testing for yield in 2 Years and 2 Locations. 

In each Year and LLocation, I have all 10 Varieties replicated 3 time like below: 

Picture1.pngLayout of the 3 reps in a location, year

My question is if I run the ANOVA with three factors as full factorial without reps as one of the Sources of Variances, Can I still call my design as RCBD?   Or since I have the 10 treatments are crossed, JMP already included the 3 reps within each location & years when calculating for F-test? 

Or I can call the 2 Locations and 2 Years as a form of 4 reps as well?


Thank you

(the full factorials is : Variety, Year, Location, and the frist degree and secind degree interactions between them)