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Repeated measures logistic regression w/ continuous IVs


I'm trying to run a logistic regression with repeated measures but can't seem to find the way to do it in JMP.

I tried using the Nominal Logistic personality in the Fit Model dialog, but it doesn't support random effects (I'm using JMP 10.0).

I also saw in this forum a suggestion for using the Categorical option in the Modeling menu, but my data has continuous independent variables.

My data is from an experiment in which each subject participated in two conditions: In the first, receiving a drug and second, receiving a placebo. Under each condition the subject performed a task, resulting in 3 continuous measures. So for each subject, in each condition I have 3 scores.

I would like to see if I can discriminate drug from placebo based on the 3 scores.

If I understand correctly, what I need to do is a logistic regression with Treatment as the DV and the 3 scores as (continuous) IVs. I would also need to account for the fact the each subject has been measured twice.

Am I analyzing the situation correctly?

Any ideas how this can be done with JMP?

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Re: Repeated measures logistic regression w/ continuous IVs

Any ideas anyone?

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