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Community Member


Jun 9, 2017

Recode doesn't write into new column



after I summarized some tables, i want to recode the column "Source Table" into a new column with more specific strings. So I change the "New Values" in the recode window to my liking and choose "New Column".

A new column called "Source Table" gets created, but it is not filled with the strings i set in "New Values".

If i do the same with any other column, it works suddenly.


Can someone tell me, what i am doing wrong here?


Community Manager


Jun 23, 2011

Re: Recode doesn't write into new column

Unfortunately, I'm not able to come up with an idea of what might be going on based on your description.


Can you provide some more details?


  • How did you summarize these tables?
  • Can you send a screen shot of your recode dialog?
  • Could you post a sample data table that demonstrates the problem? Be sure to remove or disguise any proprietary data before posting.