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Level IV

Real Time Data Pull from Test Database

First and foremost, thanks to all the contributors who has assisted me in writing comprehensive scripts in order to analyze our test data. The next step in our progression is some sort of real time display as parts are being tested. Typically we wait until the complete wafer has been tested before processing the results which take a lot of time since we are processing 12,000,000 lines rows of date for 1 wafer.

I would think that could be accomplished by a For() loop that runs the SQL query and just append the data table every 10 minutes for example...  I don't quite know what that looks like script wise..


I attached a picture of the 'tool kit' that was created. The Date Range pulls in the a list of our wafers that have been tested via SQL and loads it into #3. The Load Test Data runs another SQL query that populates everything on the right. Again, all help is appreciatedToolkit.JPG.


This of course couldn't have been accomplished with help of this forum and its members. Would like to specifically recognize @txnelson for all his help.




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