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Reading text based data and getting data types right

Hi, apparently simple question, but:

I have set my regional settings to use "." as the decimal separator and "," as the 1000 separator. However being based in Denmark, I should use the opposite. Now, someone generates a data file, that I want to use. Sometimes the file uses ".", sometime it uses "," as the decimal separator.

I want to set an option for the text import filter, that allows me to read the data as numeric regardless of what was chosen by the person who made the file.

So, how do I read data like:

First_data     10,2

Second_d     15,4

(will be read as characters variables)


with JMP, when the regional settings makes JMP expect numeric data fields to contain the opposite?

First_data     10.2

Second-D     15.4

(will be read as numeric)



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