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Re-size all charts

I have a script which generates a report based on user input.  The number of charts in the report varies based on the input.  I would like to change the frame size of all the charts in the report but don't know ahead of time how many charts there will be.  Does anyone know how to do this?  Thanks.

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Re: Re-size all charts

Hi, I have several apps that produce multiple charts and I use variables to control their height/width.  One idea, you might want to make one generic jsl for the chart code.  If possible, call on this generic chart jsl with a loop maybe from another jsl or where ever you wish...although you'll need to know an upper bound variable for the loop and I don't know if you can know this for your application?  Maybe you could determine this upper bound from your user input somehow?  The chart counter can be placed after the chart is created.  This might not be exactly what you need, but may give you some further ideas...  dj

chartCounter=0; //initialize beginning of code

width = 600; //pixels

height = 300; //pixels

For(a=1,a<=upperbound,a++, //need to figure out if you can determine an upperbound variable??

myChart = Variability Chart(





               {"Variability Chart for YVALUE"},"Variability Chart",FrameBox,{Frame Size(width,height)}



     ); //end of var chart


); //loop

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