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RE: Changing the Position of a Check Box

Hi, I've looked through the scripting index for CheckBoxBox for a way to set the position of the check box in a window but can't seem to find any such function. I want the check box to sit beside each of my buttons. Any suggestions?

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RE: Changing the Position of a Check Box

I strongly suggest that you read the Scripting Guide, so you can learn about the various components of the language which will allow you to put together those components into the scripts you want to develop.

Here is a simple example using a couple of different methodologies to do what you want.  But, there are other ways to do this too


Names Default To Here( 1 );
New Window( "example",
	H List Box(
		V List Box(
			H List Box( Check Box( "check one" ), Button Box( "button one" ) ),
			H List Box( Check Box( "check two" ), Button Box( "button two" ) )
		Lineup Box( N Col( 2 ),
			Check Box( "check three" ),
			Button Box( "button three" ),
			Check Box( "check four" ),
			Button Box( "button four" )
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