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Questions regarding columns



I have a question in my survey that asks "How consumers discover brands" and the answers were multiple choice.  The respondants were able to answer for example facebook, snapchat, instagram etc. 


Usually when i open a jmp file i would get facebook, snapchat, instagram etc in different columns. This time it all showed up in the same column as you can see in the picture attached . My question is if there is an easy way for me to adjust this so that i can have the answers separated in different columns instead of what it looks like in the picture. Hope someone is able to help:D


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Re: Questions regarding columns

If you are running JMP 13 or 14, then it is possible that your columns that have the multiple responses have been input as columns with the Modeling Type or "Multiple Response".  This is a new type of column, and many of the platforms, such as Distribution will recognize the Modleing Type, and use it to expand the entries into tseparate responses for the results.  If you still need to convert the data into separate columns, you can use the function, Text to Columns() function to convert the columns.

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Re: Questions regarding columns

Jim is correct.  I would just add that you don't need to script this.  Under Columns, Utilities there is an option to "make indicator columns" which accomplishes exactly what you want to do.