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Question on the use of the forum: How to collect content?


Community Trekker


Jan 25, 2012

Hi there, I continue to find very good help for many of my questions. But I wonder what the best way is to collect the information for later retrieval? I do not really think the 'bookmark' function does what I expect. I expect it to build a list of bookmarks, that I can access later, but somehow that's not it. So how is this done? How can I mark discussions for a favorite list?


Poul Ravn Sørensen


Community Manager


Jun 23, 2011

Hi Poul,

I haven't used it much but the Bookmark function does build a list of bookmarks that you can access at Bookmarks | Communities on SAS.

Can you describe what the Bookmarks are lacking?




Community Trekker


Mar 30, 2016

Thanks for this tip, Jeff !

I also had a hard time finding the bookmarks link, until you gave it.

I just found out that, alternatively, you can click your Profile Name > select View Profile > More (under the Profile menu) > Bookmarks​.

- Randy, JMP newbie.



Super User


Jul 28, 2015

I'm glad this was posted.  I've always found everything from the search.   Usually the most important posts to me are the ones I create, but if I contribute to a post it's easy to find the information through the history.  Plus, once you contribute you get update emails which are helpful.

Looks like I should start bookmarking some of my favorite posts