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Question Regarding Analysis Interface

Ok, I have been using JMP for just a couple of weeks and this has been really bugging me and I can't find any answer in the texts: When I set up an analysis, choose all my variables and options then hit OK it runs the results. Great. Now how do I get back to the analysis setup if I need to change any of those vars or options? I have been starting a new analysis from scratch, but there has to be a way...right?

Re: Question Regarding Analysis Interface

I usually just create a script and then make simple modifications to the script.

For example, with your analysis showing, hit the red triangle and then select Script->Save Script to Data Table (and then save the data table). Your script will appear as a selectable option on your data table, which you can then run any time you want, with whatever modifications you want.

Re: Question Regarding Analysis Interface

Thanks, thats good advice. However, are you implying there is no way to go back to the analysis input dialogue?

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Jun 23, 2011

Re: Question Regarding Analysis Interface

Most if not all analysis dialogs have a Recall button that, when pressed, fills in the dialog as it was last used. You can get to the analysis dialog the same way you got it to run in the first place, or in the analysis output window the top red triangle menu usually has a Relaunch item which also brings up the analysis dialog. If you do the latter you may not have to click the Recall button.