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Project: error 'unable to write data to file'

Probably very simple question: I have made, renamed, saved a project, when I have JMP still open I can close and re-open the project but after I have closed JMP I get an error 'unable to write data to file' when I try to open the project again. Someone please help this very newby at JMP? thanks a lot!!

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Re: Project: error 'unable to write data to file'

I believe this happens if two copies of JMP are opening the same .JMPPRJ file and some of the files-in-the-project have already been opened by the first copy of JMP; the second copy of JMP will not be able to copy the files from the .JMPPRJ on top of the already-in-use copy.  JMP uses a directory with a similar name to the project to restore the files.

If the problem persists, try logging out and back on to see if the file-in-use problem gets cleared.  I think the project directory is created in the same directory with the .JMPPRJ and has a similar name.

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Re: Project: error 'unable to write data to file'

I have this same issue as well. I created a project, add data table associated with the project to the project. I mean every data table needed to open the project once launch. When I launch JMP I get the error message that "unable to archived data." Is this a software issue as I am dealing with data tables in thousands and million rows. Any suggestions?

Jenkins Macedo
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