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Profiler Simulator Scripting

Hello everyone,

                     Recently i have been trying to script the JMP fit model profiler simulator (The Simulator) but stumbled on some roadblocks.

What i am trying to do is that it will detect the response surface variables and based on the response surface variable decide whether to assign each response surface variable with either a fixed or normal distribution (please refer to the image in the link entitled "Profiler with Simulator"). To clarify, i am trying to set for example, silica to fixed while silane and sulfur to random distribution with a given value of mean and std dev. The selection will be based on a criteria which will be preset by myself for example if i arbitrarily want to set silica as fixed while silane and sulfur as random with a specific mean and std dev. Another thing that i find very challenging is that i need to do the following:

1)detect the value of each individual profiler for example what is the value of silane (prior to setting the mean and std dev)

2)Then i would like to put in a condition to set the values of mean and std dev (for example if silane has a value of 30, then the mean of the random distribution will be set to 40 whereas if the value of silane is at 70 the mean will be set to 60)

3)finally run the simulate and make the table

any guidance will be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot in advance!:)

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