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Process parameters impact calculation

Hi All,

I have a numerical continuous column and around 300 columns( character, nominal) of process variables. I want to understand the effect of different values caused by all these 300 columuns. I was thinking of profiler function so that I can see clearly which variable has the impact. 

2 questions:

1. How to use the profiler function for non-numerical values? (I wasn't able to do that)

2. What is the best way to model the interdepedant factors of the variables and show a particular process has the highest probability of causing the issue or something like that?


Any comments/suggestions will be of great help.


Thank you.

Super User

Re: Process parameters impact calculation

A Decision Tree might be the way to go.  You mentioned howmany columns you have, but nothing about how many rows of data.  Howmany rows do you have?

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