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Problems copying and pasting variability charts to Office 2007


I'm trying to copy and paste variability charts to Word and Powerpoint 2007. I've always done this using the fat plus tool and copying and pasting as enhanced metafile and never had problems.

However, when I try it now the boxes containing the X grouping labels are really vertically elongated. The bottom line is that it is not reproducing the chart as I see it in JMP. It seems to be okay if I only select the chart excluding the "Variability chart for ..." header. This is not ideal and I still get the problem if I select the variance components part of the report, which I would like to do.

I can just about work around this by copying and pasting the individual parts separately but this is a massive inconvenience.

Trying out different things it seems to only be a problem when one has X grouping lables rotated to vertical.

I've recently changed to JMP10 and Office 2007. Could this be something to do with it?

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