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Problem with using Matlab through JMP on windows 7

Hi All


I have a problem when trying to run the code to use Matlab through JMP. When I debug it, it gives me the error: 


SAS Extension "tkintml" load failed in access or evaluation of 'Glue' , Platform Preferences( PathVar( MATLABROOT( "C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2015a" ) ) ); /*###*/
MATLAB Init() /*###*/;


My matlab is 2015 and I'm running this on windows 7. I saw there was a fix for this, using Mac and in principle it should run automatically on windows but it is not happenning to me. I'm wondering if there is something I can do to fix this or something I can check. I'm using JMP 12 in case it is a version problem.


Thank you very much for any help.



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Re: Problem with using Matlab through JMP on windows 7

Please send this to and our tech support folks will help you determine what is going on. Thank you!

Check out the JMP blog: