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Problem with Passing-Bablok graphs sent to tabbed windows

Hi everyone,

I'm analyzing several data sets using the Method Comparison add-in, then sending the Passing-Bablok regression plots to a tabbed window that I generated.  I'm able to get the regression plots to append to their tabs correctly, but I'm having an issue where the visual representation of the Passing-Bablok regression line and confidence interval (blue line and shaded blue area) for each window is being overwritten by the Passing-Bablok visualization from the plot most recently appended to the window.  So, if I create 10 windows sequentially, each of these windows shows the blue line from tab 10 on the Passing-Bablok plot.  This is the only part of the plot that does not seem to be incorporating into tabs effectively.  The rest of the plot, including the data points for each sample, orthogonal regression, and table summarizing the Passing-Bablok results gets sent to each new tab just fine. Here's a sample of the script I'm using:

New Window("Overall data analysis",

  L2 = Tab box(

  "Passing Bablok",


  << Append(APresults[ListBox(7)]);

  Panel Box("Data Summary", << Append (tbl=Data Table Box(dt_collect)));




  Panel Box("Data Summary", << Append (tbl=Data Table Box(dt_collect_AB)));



Where PBExpr and ABExpr are expressions that do the analysis.  APResults[ListBox(7) is the plot I'm trying to append.  Here's an example of a window where the original Passing-Bablok visualization has been overwritten by one from a subsequent graph appended to the report (I know the regression looks bad.  I made it that way so it would be easy to see when the true regression was overwritten).


Has anyone seen anything like this before?  Thanks,


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