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Problem when saving reports as interative html


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Jan 13, 2016


I made a report with a contingency analysis and 5 distribtions, the total data set and then an individual distribution for each quadrant of the contingency analysis. In the report window it looks like Figure 1. When I click a quadrant of the contingency analysis the correct distribution is highlighted. However, when I save it as an interactive html the selection no longer works properly. When a quadrant of the contingency analysis is clicked data points across all distributions are higlighted (Figure 2). What is going on here? Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong when going from a report to html.

Capture2.JPGFigure 2

 Capture.JPGFigure 1





Super User


Jun 22, 2012

I assume that it is either a bug or a feature not yet supported in interactive html.  I suggest that you report it directly to the JMP support group @