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Problem in IR Control Chart

Hi All,

I basically want to produce a graph like the following:

Which I have managed to do so by using the option phase in IR control chart. But when the control chart is produced the y axis ranges from 3 to -4. But I have got 2 reference lines @ y=3 and y=-3.

So when I extend the axis of y by right clicking on Y axis > Size/Scale>Y Axis> and changing maximum value from 3 to 4. This works fine.

But the problem I am facing is that when I do the above, it for some reason doesnt extend the phase lines (so for example in the link mentioned above, it doesnt extend the blue dotted line, that seperates the 2 control charts)

Any idea on how I can do that?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Problem in IR Control Chart

I can think of 2 clunky brute force ways to do it.
1. add dummy rows with values for Y that extend the Y scale where you need it, exclude but do NOT hide the rows, run the control chart, then hide the rows.
2. use just the original data and run the control chart, then use the cross hair tool to determine the X values for the phase dividing lines (it may help to enlarge the plot first) which will have values n.5 where n is the row number of the last row of the previous phase being plotted, then edit the X axis to add reference lines for each dividing line.

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