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Problem in Fit Model with random blocking factor with RMEL method

Hi everyone,

This is my first time to post in this forum. I had some problems in using jmp Fit Model with random blocking factor. Hope there is anyone who can help me out on this problem. Thanks so much!

So my problem is as follows:

I designed a DOE table with a random blocking factor. But when I analyzed the data by Fit Model with REML method, there is no DFDen and P value in the report. I could see other report stuff but no DFDen and P value in the analysis. If I removed the random blocking factor in the Fit Model, there would be DFDen and P value in the report. I'm really confused about this. Do you know what is happening here? How could I get the DFDen and P value in my report with RMEL method? Without these data, the report seems totally incomplete...

I attached a snapshot of the screen so that you can see what I saw in my jmp here.

3414_jmp snapshot.jpg

Thank you all very much!


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