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Problem facing while reading document from C# Visual studio


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Jul 12, 2017

class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
JMP.Application myjmp;
myjmp = new JMP.Application();
JMP.Document doc;

doc = myjmp.OpenDocument("data.xlsx");

JMP.Distribution dist;
dist = doc.CreateDistribution();


I am getting doc as null. even I have tried to read .jmp data file but still i am getting null. I am new in JMP. Please help me out.



Jun 23, 2011

Have you tried fully qualifying the path to the file, like


doc = myjmp.OpenDocument("c:\\program files\\sas\jmp\\13samples\\data\\data.xlsx");


Please notice that for C# you need \\ for slashes in the path.


There is a C# example that ships with JMP.  For JMP 13, you would find this in C:\Program Files\SAS\JMP\13\Samples\Automation\Visual C# Sample\JMPStarter .


Looking at the sample should give you a good idea how to do most automation operations with C# and JMP.


Brian Corcoran

JMP Development