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Printing Display Window with Multiple Tabs

I wrote a script which creates a display window with multiple tabs. Our operators print this window which creates a PDF they can send out. The problem is that it only prints what is currently displayed. Is there a way to print all tabs to a single PDF?
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Re: Printing Display Window with Multiple Tabs

I don't know if this could be easily done in the context of how your operators are working at the moment, but I think my first suggestion would be to see if you can copy the contents of each tab in turn to the journal, create a PDF file from the journal, and then delete the journal. I'm not sufficiently familiar with creating PDF files generally to know whether that's an easy thing to do, but I'd have thought it probably ought to be a fairly straightforward extension of whatever you're doing at the moment. Does anyone else have a view on this, and/or some examples of JSL scripts for creating PDFs?
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