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Community Trekker


May 5, 2014

Print file path in footer

I'm trying to find the variable/code that should be used to print the file path in the footer when printing out a script.  In the Page Setup dialog box, it has suggestions for other variables you can set and I have searched online for a list of addtional variable, but can't seem to find them.  At one point, I stumbled upon the suggestion to use &[PATH] but that didn't seem to work.  Tried different variations of this such as &path; &PATH &PATH;.  But none seemed to work.  


Please let me know if you have any suggestions or if I'm just searching online with the wrong keywords and should try something else.





Community Trekker


Sep 23, 2015

Re: Print file path in footer

You can use JSL to save path information to a string variable:


p = obj << GetPath;


Then reference the string variable when you save the PDF:


x = CurrentJournal();
x << SetPrintFooters( p /*left*/, "" /*center*/, "Page &pn; of &pc;" /*right*/ );
x << SavePDF( p, Show Page Setup(0) );