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Posting JSL Scripts on this forum

I've managed to post a JSL script on this forum now - many thanks to MBP for the tips about maintaining spacing and the need to replace square brackets within the script with their HTML codes. However, it also seems to have a problem with the “<” and ">" symbols under some circumstances, which I've therefore similarly replaced throughout by HTML codes 60 and 62 (i.e. they become & # 60; and & # 62; respectively). I'll probably set up a small macro in MS Word for myself to replace all four characters throughout in future.

Also, I’ve had to replace all "//"-style comments with “slash-star ... star-slash" ones, because if the script is copied and pasted from the post, it gets fed into JMP as one long line (at least it does on my PC), which means that everything to the right of the first "//" appears as part of that comment. Does anyone happen to know if it is possible to post a script in such a way that if it is copied and pasted into JMP then the line breaks are retained?

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Re: Posting JSL Scripts on this forum

Try this:

Re: Posting JSL Scripts on this forum

Hit Reply to my reply and check Quote Original.

Re: Posting JSL Scripts on this forum

Eveything's working fine now: the one remaining fly (and its only a tiny one) in the ointment is illustrated by the following script:

In the above, the second loop won't run after being copied and pasted directly into the script window, because the script window doesn't appear to recognise HTML carriage returns. I've discovered that I can bypass that problem by copying the script into MS Word* first, and then recopying the copy into the script window - but that's a bit of a nuisance, so the one remaining question is... is there an easier way than that to make the script window see the program exactly as it appears above?

[* Not WordPad, which loses the tab stops, whereas Word doesn't.]

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Jun 23, 2011

Re: Posting JSL Scripts on this forum

Hmmm... I don't know what I did "wrong" but I copy / pasted the code (not including the preliminary comments) into a JMP 8.0.2 script window under WinXP sp2 using Firefox 3.6.2, and it ran correctly.

Re: Posting JSL Scripts on this forum

Ah-ha! I've just repeated the exercise using Apple Safari (under Windows XP SP3), and also found that it now works properly. It looks as though it's a browser thing, doesn't it: I was originally using Windows Internet Explorer 6, which is overdue for an upgrade anyway.

Problem solved - many thanks!