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Possible to get help?

Hi everybody,

I just finished my research and since 2 month I have to work with JMP and there are a lot of problems for me and here in Germany most of the people don't use jmp as a statistical software so it is really hard to find some help. Because I am really frustrated I would like to ask if there is someone here who can help me a  little bit by Skype oder TeamViewer with my problems. We can do the payment by Paypal or something like this. When there is someone who knows the software and has a little charity inside maybe this person can send me a mail with his/her email address. 

And sorry for my bad english - I hope there are not too much mistakes

A lot of greetings


Re: Possible to get help?

Hi marciem1988,

my name is Martin and I'm responsible for the technical/functional side of JMP for customers in the DACH Region. It's sad to hear you are frustrated using JMP and I will try to help you having more fun in using our Tools as it really can be fun as probably many in this community can aggree on.

Let's have a call to get to known to each other and to better understand what's driving your Frustration. That said I'm pretty confident to find a solution to that.

Of course we can talk in German and keep the money in your pocket for now - there are better things you could do with that

Let us talk about your Task and the underlying difficulties you face and then let's see what we can do to come around those.

So please send me an email with your phone number, so I could call you. here's my address:

Looking Forward to hearing from you,



Re: Possible to get help?

We are in contact and looked into the data. Some ideas why the expected and actual result differs are found already. Looking deeper int it within the next days.

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