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Jul 8, 2011

Possible to Remove Heading on Plots?

I am making a script that will generate and save a distribution as a picture file. I want the axes, the distribution, and outlier box to appear in the picture - I do NOT want the grey heading to appear above it.

Is it possible to save a picture of a distribution WITHOUT the grey heading?

In addition, I have an X - Y Plot with a linear fit. Is it possible to dispatch a delete comand to the box that pops up as a result of a fit?

I'm sure both of these are possible, but I do not understand the display tree very well.



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Jun 23, 2011

Possible to Remove Heading on Plots?

I am not sure it's possible to delete the heading from an active report. But you can just grab the desired content and send to a new window.

Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/Big" );

dist = Distribution( Continuous Distribution( Column( :height ) ), Quantiles( 0 ), Moments( 0 ), invisible );

biv = Bivariate( Y( :weight ), X( :height ), Fit Line( 1 ), invisible );

myhist = Report( dist )[Picture Box( 1 )];

mybiv = Report( biv )[Picture Box( 1 )];

New Window( "mygraphs", myhist, mybiv );

Or save as pictures without an intermediate new window:

myhist<<save picture("path/dist.png");

mybiv<<save picture("path/biv.png");

If you have invisible reports as in the example above you can delete them from the name space with

dist << close window; biv << closewindow;