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Porting the 'Recent files' list to a new PC

Hi, I am soon going to switch PC and as preparation for this I am investigating how I might transfer the 'Recent Files' list to the new PC. The list provedes a valuable record of recent (and not so recent) work and I would really miss it on the new PC, should I start all over. So, can I find a file somewhere in the JMP folders, that contains this list? Or is it a data table? Or ?


Poul Ravn Sørensen

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Re: Porting the 'Recent files' list to a new PC

Hi Poul,

Check your Windows registry using regedit.

I think you'll find it there and can export it and reimport it on the new machine.

Be careful with regedit though.


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Re: Porting the 'Recent files' list to a new PC

As Jeff says, it's in the registry so tread lightly. You should be able to export HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SAS Institute Inc.\JMP\Recent\Files to a .reg file and Import that on the new machine. If your files are on drives with the same letter and in the same folders it should work.


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