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Plot gets overlapped onto a second page, why?

7497_plots over lapping.png

Hi all,

The second plot gets overlapped onto a second page, this happens for a number of charts.

Also is there a way to output the plots into sections ( book with chapters).

I tried to output in html format but this wasn't successful.

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Re: Plot gets overlapped onto a second page, why?

Can you tell us which version of JMP you are using?  Which output type are you using (PDF?), and does it happen if you use other types (PNG, XPS, HTML)?

I'm assuming that you have a script that creates multiple platforms (3000 pages worth!) in a single window.  Do you send JSL messages to the reports to customize the display in any way?

Community Trekker

Re: Plot gets overlapped onto a second page, why?

Hi Dan,

I'm using JMP 11 and using PDF to output. I tried outputting HTML and it crashes.

There is no script involved just using JMP features.

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Re: Plot gets overlapped onto a second page, why?

Hi Alan,

Even if Dan or someone else in the JMP User Community is able to help you with PDF, I'd like to know more about your crash using HTML so I can look into the issue.

If you don't feel comfortable describing it in detail here, you may go through technical support or send me a message here in the JMP User Community.



Re: Plot gets overlapped onto a second page, why?


I've not been able to duplicate the problem with our Semiconductor Capability sample data.  I'm using the attached JSL script to generate 128 charts, which I then export to PDF.  I am shrinking the report by 50% to keep it on one page, because the graphs are wide.

Your report clearly has many more columns than the sample data, and there may be something specific to the data that causes a problem.  Other things that would be interesting to know would be:

1) The first page you show is 3363 - is this the first page that shows the wrapping problem?

2) If you produce a Variability chart for just this one column, and then export to PDF, does the problem still occur?

As John suggests, it might help to open a ticket with technical support and send sample data if possible.


Re: Plot gets overlapped onto a second page, why?


I use page break boxes between figures to keep graphs from splitting badly across pages.

obj = New Window( "KPI Report " || Long Date( Today() ),

  V List Box(


  Panel Box( "Figure 1", graph1 ),

  Page Break Box(),

  Panel Box( "Figure 2", graph2 )



The entire script can be found here:  Instructions and Script for Automating Analysis with JSL

Hope this helps


JMP Systems Engineer, Pharm and BioPharm Sciences