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Please help... Does anyone know One mean, Two mean, k mean sample size formula under DOE sample size and power??

Hi, sir.

As below table, I have so many items to do analysis with One, Two, K sample mean.

Is there any jmp formula in "Sample size N" same as jmp under DOE "Sample size and power"

Please help me.

Item Sigma σ      Delta δ      Sample size N      Method

A      1.0088      1.64                                     One sample mean

B      0.5747      1.31                                     One sample mean

C      0.9411      1.37                                     Two sample mean

D      0.5445      1.19                                     k sample mean





More information, I try calculating sample size by formula based on above table compared with using JMP under DOE "Sample size and power".

Result is different between applying formula in JMP table and DOE "Sample size and power"

Formula & result are as below.


Item Sigma σ     Delta δ      Sample size N      Method

A      1.0088      1.64                             4       One sample mean

but DOE result is


Does any body can explain me why I face different result?

Thank you in advance.

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