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Parameters chosen via GUI aren't updating in JMP script

I have created a GUI that will pass three parameters to an embedded script to run when the user clicks OK on the GUI. The embedded script is contained within an EXPR() function. That script uses the selected values to assign various other variables using conditional clauses and then launches either an Individual control chart or an Individual & Moving Range chart depending on the value of the first parameter, chart type.


The script works fine on the first pass, but if I update the values in the GUI and click OK, I get the same charts - that is the parameters are not being cleared from the first instance. If I click OK a second time, I then get the updated charts I want.


I have made several attempts to try and clear out the previous selections, but then the script doesn't work. I assume I am missing something simple, but I am at a loss to figure out what! Thanks in advance for  any suggestions that you might have on how to correct the script! I have attached an anonymized version of my script below.

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