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Overcoming Missing HTML Functionality of JMP 15: Ideas

Hi all, 


After reading through various forms it is clear that there are certain functionalities not allowed on JMP 15 when exporting a dashboard to HTML. I've created a dashboard for a client and I am having trouble converting this into HTML format for them to view. The dashboard is attached below. It contains a data filter (which should be allowed in JMP 15) and 2 contour plots with different legend axis (created from dropping a categorical variable into the graph builder, 'color' Tab). 


Interactive HTML: Values excluded by the data filter are not exported.
Interactive HTML: Controls are not interactive.
Interactive HTML: Unsupported display type: ListBoxBox
Interactive HTML: Contour plot is not interactive.
Interactive HTML: Unsupported legend style

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get a dashboard like this to be viewed by a client who does not have JMP access? I really enjoy the data filtering function and the way it can quickly visuals a large data set and display it on the contour map. 

Does it make a difference if I create this dashboard as a application instead? Would it be possible to export the source code for this dashboard and open it in a different application with the same interactivity (Rstudio or Phyton)? 


Re: Overcoming Missing HTML Functionality of JMP 15: Ideas

Interactive HTML is a small subset of the many features of JMP that have been developed over the years. We do the best we can to prioritize different graph types and platforms, but each one requires work to bring interactivity to the web in Interactive HTML and JMP Live.  Contour plot is a graph type that we have not gotten to yet as indicated in the log, but I have noted your feature request for this graph type.  It is great to hear from customers what they would like to see in Interactive HTML.


In JMP Live, although this graph would still be a static image, with the ability to include and exclude rows and communicate with a JMP server, JMP Live would be able to regenerate a different image based on the filter.  For example, below is an example of a Bubble Plot on JMP Public which comes out as a static image due to the use of custom shapes instead of circles.  However, much like your scenario you can interact with the data filter and get a new Bubble plot image sent back from JMP:



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