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Outline Boxes - could their use cause JMP to seize up?



Before I describe this problem, I fully appreciate that this is an almost impossible question to answer without further information, unless somebody just happens to have noticed the same behaviour in another context and found a solution to it.


I've written a JSL script which creates a report of perhaps a dozen charts and tables, each of which is contained within an Outline Box. The report is quite long, and almost all the Outline Boxes are therefore initially closed. After the analysis has been run, the user opens up whichever Outline Box they're interested in, and inspects the table, chart or whatever contained within it. Every Outline Box has an associated red triangle menu offering an assortment of printing or export options relating it to that table or chart (e.g. resizing it, reformatting it, or exporting it to the clipboard or PowerPoint).


However when the analysis is run, attempting to open or close one of the Outline Boxes occasionally seems to cause the entire display to seize up completely. There doesn't appear to be any pattern (often nothing goes wrong at all), and no specific Outline Box seems to be the sole cause of the problem. Whenever this happens, there seems to be no way out other than to crash JMP via the Task Manager, and then re-start it.


The only possible clue I can think of is that sometimes there is a delay of perhaps two or three seconds before the Outline Box I'm trying to open opens. I'm not aware that I'm invoking any calculations by opening or closing it - so why would such an apparently simple operation take such a long time to be performed? I'm wondering whether this delay is related to an eventual seize-up, but I'm guessing here.


Has anybody else seen anything like this - and if they have, did they ever discover the cause of it? I've been testing the script in JMP 12.0.0 Pro, but I'm seeing the same delays in JMP 13 (although nothing has actually crashed in 13 yet).


Many thanks

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