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Outline Box question

I have a question about the use of outline boxes in JSL scripting which might be trivial, but could just be impossible - I don't know which yet. The script below illustrates the problem, in which the window I create contains three outline boxes, each of which contains a couple of lines of text. In this example obviously the contents of each outline box takes up almost no space at all, but in the original script each one could occupy most of the screen. The user is likely to want to hop from box to box, and I therefore want to save him the inconvenience of having to close one before opening the next. That is, whenever he opens the next box, I want all the others to be automatically closed.

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Jun 23, 2011

Re: Outline Box question

Would something like this be helpful?

Re: Outline Box question

That's a nice solution: I may well end up doing something very similar to that, perhaps making a couple of tiny amendments to compact the various controls as much as possible - something along these lines: