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Options for analyzing within-subjects design



I am designing an experiment to test changes (from baseline) to a measured physiological parameter in response to two different treatments (A & B) used on their own or combined. Resources are limited so I am attempting to perform all treatment combinations in each subject (animal), in randomized order.


The runs would look something like this:

SubjectTime0 (baseline)Time1Time2Time3Time4


Carry-over effects are a large concern and the way that I am hoping to combat this issue is to wait for effects to wear off and return to time0 (baseline) values prior to starting the next randomized treatment instance in time. I am sure this is not a bulletproof method, but I have to work within my means.


I am curious if others have opinions on how I would go about analyzing this type of data (MANOVA, GLMM, etc.) or if there is a better way of arranging my runs to ultimately quantify significance.


Thank you

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