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Opening a non-JMP file options

When I open a non-JMP data file such as a CSV, there is an options button I need to click on the file dialog box otherwise JMP opens it as straight text into scripting window.  Now setting aside that this is the least likely default operation a user would do, is there a way to set preference to something otherwise?

In preferences I see an option for Text Data Files, but not an option to treat CSV file as a data file.  I am guessing it is looking for ".txt" and does not consider ".CSV" as a text data file.  Is there a way to change this behavior?  Failing that is there a way to default show the options pull down menu without first having to click options?

I am using JMP 12.2.0 on a Mac.


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Re: Opening a non-JMP file options

I'm on a Mac with 12.2 also.  In JMP, File, Open, find the file and select it in the Finder window. Before clicking Open, take a look at the Options button on the bottom left corner of the dialog window.  I like using the Data (Using Preview) option in the "Open As" drop down box.

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Re: Opening a non-JMP file options

I see what Andy is referring to. The "options" button is way over on the left of the file open dialog box and easy to miss. I have often missed it myself and ended up with the data table in the script window.  However, when that happens there is an "import as data" option on that window to move the data to table.