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One Data Filter for multiple tables


I am scripting a 'New Window' with an 'H List Box' and a 'Data Filer' wilth multiple columns to filter on (e.g., House type, color, ...). Next to the filter I have two buttons refering to two different tables with the same filter columns. I would like the user to be able to select the filter and then click either of the two buttons to get to the correct filtered results. (e.g., House type = 'Apt', color='red').


This works well when House type = 'Apt', color='red' is available in both tables. I am running into issues when for example color='red' is not available in one of the tables. In this case, JMP would only filter on House type = 'apt' and show all available colors (red is not available in this table). Instead, I would like JMP to not show any entries since the exact house type and color combination is not available.


Essentially I would like the filter to be an 'AND'. Show me colums if 'APT' and 'red' is a table entry, otherwise do not show me any entry. Any ideas?

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Re: One Data Filter for multiple tables

It is pretty tough to make a suggestion, without actually seeing the code you are using to perform the discribed functionality.  However, if I had the need to develop such an application, I would probably create a working (invisible) table that contains all of the columns you are filtering on, and with all of the combinations and permientation for the values of the columns.  I would then create the filter pointing to that working table.  When the user then selected options in the filter, I would then extract the Where Clause...<< get where clause... and then programatically select and exclude the rows in the actual data tables, to meet my requirements when selected options do not appear in the given data table.

I am sure other Community Members have additional more create ways to solve this.

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