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Octave interface instead of Matlab?

I don't have Matlab but I do have the (free) alternative Octave installed and working on my W7 computer.  Is there a method to interface Octave to JMP instead of Matlab?  I've tried the following with no success:

1. Define a batch file ('matlab.bat') that opens a command-line version of Octave.  Contents: 'C:\Octave\Octave-4.2.0\octave.vbs --no-gui'

2. Saved the batch file in C:\Users\<user>\bin and made sure that directory is in the W7 Path environment variable.  (So that typing 'matlab' at the command prompt opens Octave in another terminal window.)

3. Set the environment variable MATLABROOT = C:\Users\<user>


When I issue the JSL command 'MATLAB Init();'  I get:

'SAS Extension "tkintml" load failed in access or evaluation of 'MATLAB Init' , MATLAB Init/*###*/()'


From the instructions at it looks like there are library hooks and maybe more that need to be in place.  I'm probably naiive to think I could trick the system this way, but not all of us have access to Matlab; all of us can install Octave!


Thanks, Jeff

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