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Notified when data table is done computing


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Apr 17, 2015

Hello everyone,


I currently have a working data table where 3 columns are constants and 1 column is a formula.

IDABC = Formula (A+B)


On the UI side, that data table is created using a Table box, but only for the selected ID. Rows with IDs different form the selected ID are hidden. A and B are a Number Edit Col Box and C is just a Number Col Box.


When users edit A or B, i want to update C with the new value.


The problem that i am facing is that the time that JMP takes to calculate C varies. If I dont wait enough time to copy the C value, I will just get the "old" value. Is there a way for me to be notified when JMP is done evaluating all the formulas? I want to make sure I just copy the C value when JMP is done calculating.


I am not using Data Table Col Box because I am not showing all the rows and I havent figure out a way to hide rows in the Data Table Col Box. I could create a subset, but things would get messy as users may open many customers during one session.