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Notation of datetime variables in jmp formulas


this simple task is annoying me. Coming from SAS, I would write something like:

if datetime<'22jul13 10:00'dt then expr;

In the JMP formula editor whay is the correct entry of a datetime?

And is there a difference between dates and times? As in SAS?

Cannot find a good example in the manuals for this, sorry.

Poul R S

Community Manager Community Manager

Re: Notation of datetime variables in jmp formulas


See Date-Time Functions and Formats for information about date time formats.  Depending on what you want to do with them (your then statement), you may want to transform the dates first.

By the way, the search approach/algorithms for the JMP documentation that is available from jmp.com (Welcome to JMP 10 Help) using the dedicated search box is different than the one used when searching within the JMP software using JMP>HELP>SEARCH.    I often find things quicker when I search the docs on jmp.com.  You might try that and let me know what you think.