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Non-Blocking HTTP Request

I'm loving the new HTTP Request feature in JMP 14.  Greatly simplifies not having to use the Socket() protocol.  My only question that I can't seem to figure out is if it's possible to make it non-blocking.  Since server requests can be quite slow I'd appreciate it if we could make these run asynchronously. 


The Socket protocol was asynchronous, so I'm at a delimma where I want to update my code as the new HTTP Request will greatly simplify everything and makes things like usernames/passwords/JSON/forms much easier, however doing so will make the code much slower for the end user.


If anyone knows how to do this I'd appreciate it.  Other wise I'll add another topic to the requested features forum.

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Re: Non-Blocking HTTP Request

There's currently no option to run HTTP Requests asynchronously. It's something we'll look at for the future. 

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