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Newbie: Issues Loading DLLs

I've been experimenting with loading DLLs into a jsl in JMP 8 but JMP is reporting an error when I try to use the declarefunction call to declare the exported function form the dll.

Does anyone know, can JMP load a managed DLL or does it only support com? I am trying to load a dll I wrote in c#, is that my issue?

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Re: Newbie: Issues Loading DLLs

Perhaps this helps:


All functions must be declared externally in your load module so that SAS can find them. For most platforms, external declaration is the default behavior for the compiler. However, many C compilers do not export function names by default. The following examples show how to declare your functions for external loading for most PC compilers:

_declspec(dllexport) int myfunc(int, double);
_declspec(dllexport) int price2(int a, double foo);


Re: Newbie: Issues Loading DLLs

Hi Matt,
Thanks for the reply but that kinda gets at the heart of my question. Exporting functions in C# is all handled by the .net framework, You declare a function public in the dll and the framework takes care of the linking. It appears that jmp can only link into non-managed dlls (ie ones written in c/c++) That was my hunch but since I'm new to it I was hoping someone could confirm that was the case.

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