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Multiple runs at each condition in a within-subjects design

Im JMP 13 Pro  --- How would you approach a data set with two within-subjects variables where there are replicates within each condition cell. Let's say Variable A has 2 levels and variable B has 3 levels... equaling  6 conditions. And for each subject at each condition I collected my DV at 10 points in time...let's say i was interested in the measure -- in general -- across the time span but not neccesarily interested in the effect across the 10 time points. I could average the 10 points and use one score per subject per condition...but it there a more elegant way to take advantage of the multiple runs in my analysis using the capability of JMP 13 Pro?  Thanks...Geo

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Re: Multiple runs at each condition in a within-subjects design

Within Fit Model, the Mixed Models personality (available only in Pro) is probably best equipped to handle this type of model because you can choose a correlation structure for the covariance (sounds like an AR(1) structure would be a good place to start).

-- Cameron Willden
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