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Moveable Text within Graph Boxes

Hi - I write a lot of JSL scripts that create customized charts, many of which have text labels all over them.  Some time ago I wrote a little script using the mouse trap function to enable me to click on such a chart and drag the nearest text label to a new location on the chart.  It works well enough, but I can see that exactly the functionality I want has already been incorporated into at least some of the charts that JMP creates within the various platforms (e.g. the correlation circle and the biplot generated by the Principal Components platform, within which (a) all the labels are draggable, and (b) if any label is dragged more than a short distance from the point to which it refers then a connecting line is automatically drawn between the two).  I'm wondering therefore whether there's some property of graph boxes that can be set to make all - or some - of the text within that graph box repositionable using the mouse.  I can't see an obvious candidate in the "show properties" list, but that doesn't prove much - there are a lot of properties to work through, and I may have overlooked the one I want.  Does anyone know if there is such a property, or is the only way to do this to write a version of my own little script into every graph into which I want to incorporate this functionality?

Many thanks for any suggestions

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