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Modifying OS File System from within JSL

I have written several scripts for importing, manipulating, analyzing and storing large delimitated text files that are being generated by an automated data acquisition system.

The problem I am having is with manipulating the file system on the server. There do not seem to be any commands or functions within JSL for operating on the file system beyond

getting and changing the current file path. I need to be able to create and delete file directories and files to automate the archiving process of the source files after they have been processed.

Does anyone know how to launch a shell process and pass commands to it or some other method of accessing the OS API's to get at the file system?

Oh, and just to make it interesting I am working with MAC OS10.

Many thanks,

David MeakiS

Level III

Re: Modifying OS File System from within JSL

I haven't tested to see if these work on a MAC, but here are a few commands that may help:

File Exists (filepath)

Create Directory(path)

Delete Directory(path)

Delete File (filepath)

They are described in the 'JSL Companion Applications of the JMP Scripting Language'.

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