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Mode choice experiment design

I want to design stated-preference experiments.


I have 3 modes of transportation: 

  1. Bus
  2. Taxi
  3. Personal car

and two attributes for each mode:

  1. Travel time
  2. Travel cost

Each mode has the attribute levels as follows:

 BusTaxiPersonal car
Travel time20, 25, 3010, 15, 205, 10, 15
Travel costFree, $1.25$3.00, $4.00$5.00, $6.00


But I cannot find the option to fix my modes for each choice set. What I mean is that I want to show all three modes in each choice experiment, like:


Q1. Which mode would you choose?

 BusTaxiPersonal car
Travel time20105
Travel costFree$4.00$6.00


Q2. Which mode would you choose?

 BusTaxiPersonal car
Travel time20155
Travel cost$1.25$3.00$5.00


Q3. Q4. ...


Is there anyone can help me design this kind of experiment?


Thank you very much in advance.


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