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Minneapolis is Burning - Help me put out the fire!

Hello my fellow JMPers - I have found my way to datasets that surround our beyond civic strife here in Minneapolis - where George Floyd was murdered, and with this post I'm sharing recent file containing public comments on how best to reform/refund/abolish our police force - a very scary proposition.  My time-in-grade with all things text analytics is limited.  Any fluent text explores care to help me mine this?  I get stuck early at "to stem... or not to stem" /combine.  Thanks so much to all who can help me find the favored few threads that lead to pearls of wisdom!  Rob  any who care to are welcome to reach me directly  <>

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Re: Minneapolis is Burning - Help me put out the fire!

Apparently you have added a RegEx library that is not a standard library

Text Explorer did not run.

Phrasing Punctuation is not the name of a regular expression in the Text Explorer regex library.
 in access or evaluation of 'Library' , Library( "Phrasing Punctuation" ) 

The code will run once that library's reference is removed

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Re: Minneapolis is Burning - Help me put out the fire!

I think the "phrasing punctuation" might be in JMP 16. 

As for whether to use stemming...I think this is part of the art; play with it and see how the results fall out.


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