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Map Features

I am wondering whether JMP can help me in the following:

1. Helps me define smaller cities/towns based on latitude & Longitude and then display custom data (for ex number of Internet Users) as a bar/circle.

2. Provides capability to link cities across the world with the thickness of the line determined based on custom data (for example number of people traveling between the two cities)


Re: Map Features

Take a look at the "Air Traffic Day" routine in the JMP File Exchange, which you can access directly from the opening screen of this forum (http://www.jmp.com/community/ ): go to the "Aerospace" section and download the AirTrafficDay.jmp data file, then select the "Bubble Plot with Map" script and run it. You'll get a superb moving graphic showing airline traffic moving between all the major US airports during the course of a day, which will probably give you some ideas on how the problem could best be tackled: in particular, one of the options selectable from the red triangle on the left of the map is "Trail Lanes", which shows all the routes as links between the cities. All five scripts associated with the data set can obviously be copied and edited, giving you scope to experiment with various ways of displaying the data.
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