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Making search box active in column Search Script

From a former post I got the column search script:



Names Default To Here( 1 );
dt = Current Data Table();

New Window( "Filter Col Selector Example",
    fcb = Filter Col Selector( width( 250 ))

ib = (fcb<<Parent) << Xpath("//IfBox");
ib << set(1);
lbb = (fcb<<Parent) << Xpath("(//ListBoxBox)[1]");

lbb << set Function(Function({this},{_xx, i},
   selCol = this<<get selected;
   _xx = dt << get selected columns;
   For(i=1, i<=nitems(_xx), i++, _xx[i] << set selected(0));
   For(i=1, i<=nitems(selCol), i++, column(dt,selCol[i] ) << set selected(1));
     dt << bring window to front;
     dt << go to(column(selCol[1]) )	




This script is very helpful. The question is whether it is possible to reduce mouse click further, by updating the script, that the mouse cursor is by default active in the search box?

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